Orange Line Deconstruction

Footage from the deconstruction of Boston's Orange Line in the early 1990's. Excerpted from Tim Wright's film "Conservation of Matter" that traces the history of the orange line and the global re-use of its steel after deconstruction.

6 min

Music by Tom Combs & Dave Piper

Introduction by Tim Wright

Airplane Test Footage

ca. 1950’s

Found by Rich Remsberg
6 min

Sounds by Chris Muller and

Ryan Murdock

The General

BusterKeaton’s 1927 classic
75 Min

Music by Jeremy Thal, Nathan Koci and Caroline Shaw

Failure 1 & II

Jesse Kaminsky

8 Min

Night Drive

An 8 Min excerpt from Highway

by Tyrone Tanous

Por primera vez (For the first time)

9 min

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In Motion

Saturday, August 14 2010 | 8pm

by Kathryn Konrad

Music by Emil Altschuler

4 minutes


A short film about having

trouble falling asleep

Butte, America

A live documentary short

by Ryan Murdock

Live music by High Aura'd

12 minutes


Part folk history and cautionary tale

Common Pictures

by Rich Remsberg

24 Minutes


An essay on the act of looking and remembering

How to Catch a Falling Knife

by Daniel Johnson,

music by Angela Letizia

30 Minutes • 2010

A collage of evocative imagery, words, sounds based on old home movie films.

In Memory

Sunday, June 13 2010 | 8pm

Noted Economist finds

Business is Basically Sound

(2 min)

A 1931 newsreel.

The bottom line?

This is going to be a great decade!

Frontiers of the Future

(A Screen Editorial With Lowell Thomas)


10 minutes

"They overlooked one all important fact that we should know so well.  That is: As long as there is a problem to be solved, or a desire to be met, American ingenuity will not rest." 

Symphony in F


9 min

A promotional "music video" commissioned by Ford to promote, well, Fordism. Assembly line footage and stop motion auto parts come together to warm the heart and soothe your worries

Music by Mara V. & MG's



60 min


Russian silent agit-prop slapstick. 

Music by The Dust Bowl Bolsheviks

PLUS:  Magic Lantern projections by Ryan Murdock

Rose Colored Glasses

(or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Pretend Everything is OK)

August 14, 2009 | 8 PM

Cameraman's Revenge

by Ladislaw Starewicz

9 min

Live music by Angela Letizia &

Cameron Kirkpatrick

Historia Naturae

by Jan Svankmajer

15 min

live music by Angela Letizia &

Cameron Kirkpatrick

Nuclear Wareoke

by Ryan Murdock

8 min

The Silent World

40 min excerpt
Jacques Cousteau's first film,

banned in the U.S.

With live music by

David Levin & Kevin Micka

(Animal Hospital Music)

Science Night
July 17, 2009 | 8 PM

A Wild Roomer

Charlie Bowers

(22 min; USA; 1927)

Music and Sound Accompaniment
Nick Yulman & the Bone Conductor Mechanical Orchestra

L’homme Orchestra (One Man Band)

George Mélies

(2 min; France; 1900)

(*youtube clip is not new score)

Music and Sound Accompaniment
Nick Yulman & the Bone Conductor Mechanical Orchestra

Power Surge

(15 min; USA; 2003)

by Ryan Murdock

Music by Nick Yulman & David Levin
Live foley by Ryan Murdock

The Inventor's Dilemma

Friday, June 19, 2009 | 8 PM